1. Natural stones Micropores Sealer Protection / Stain Resistance Treatment – Marble, Granite, slate, terracotta, sandstone,Limestone etc.

2. Marble Hi-gloss re-crystallization & Re-making Mirror shine.

3. Stone color Enhancement cum sealer protection (Wetlook sealer).

4. Stains Removal from micropores of marble & natural stones.

5. Effective solution for any problem on natural stone.


1. Sealers Protect By putting a barrier between contaminants and the surface.

2. Sealers provide on-going stain resistance.

1. Sealers prolong the life of the surface.

Penetrating SEALERS?

Active ingredients, or solids, bond with stone and fill in the gaps, or pores, to penetrate the surface. What doesn't penetrate the surface gets wiped away.

Microscopic Detail

Shown under powerful magnification penetrating sealers contain various sealing molecules that penetarte and bond to the stone's surface.


1) Prevents variety of stains – Oil and Water based.

2) Penetrates in Micro pores and fill up.

3) Allows Moisture Vapor Transmission.

4) Provide time to react to stains and spills.

5) Increases the static coefficient of Friction ( Slip Resistant Factor )

6) Makes the surface harder.

7) Keeps the substrate of stone dry.

8) Reduces possibility of Mold growth.

9) Prevents damage to stone substrate.

10) Prevents discoloration of stone.

11) Routine maintenance becomes easy.

12) Sealers are Low or No in VOC ( Volatile Organic Compound).

13) Sealers are part of BUILD GREEN Program.

14) Sealers confirms to LEED. ( Leadership in Energy & Environmental Designs )

15) Sealers & Cleaners are voted Most Preferred Brand by NTCA